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Alpha State

Like a computer, the human brain functions on a very small amount of electricity. Electricity produces currents that vibrate at different speeds – these currents have a direct influence on your thoughts, habits, and health. And like a computer, you can use this energy to program your mind to achieve goals.

According to Jose Silva – an electrical engineer, WW2 Navy veteran, business owner, educator, and author of the best selling book “The Silva Mind Control Method” (published in 1977), these electrical currents are responsible for a persons inner mental and emotional well being, which ultimately determines their external health, wealth, and happiness.

silva method alpha state

Silva’s electrical current states, brain wave cycles, and associated physical states are outlined here:



Alpha state is the highest of these electrical currents, because through meditation you can access it to program your mind to master outcomes in the Beta state/material world.

Jose Silva created a process where people could meditate in the Alpha state to program their minds to achieve goals. In Alpha state a person can have surges of creative ideas, inspiration, and intuition. At the alpha level you can also learn to overcome all kinds of physical problems, such as “insomnia, tension and migraine headaches, bad habits, and much more.” (R1)


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