De Monroy Group

The De Monroy Group LLC (DMG) is a private mentorship and technology consultancy.

DMG is led by Anthony and Marie De Monroy. It runs a developer site and two Defi/Tradfi sites:  Commodity IQs and  Stablecoin Labs. Find our mentorship page here.

Marie has 15 years experience in accounting and banking. She is a former FX controller, CFO, and now CEO. Anthony is a US Army veteran with 2 decades of engineering  and business development experience leading F500 services for finance, insurance, audit, gaming, and e-commerce companies worldwide.

DMG is located in Austin, Texas with clients and business partners all over the United States and throughout the world – including Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, The Netherlands, The UK, India, China, and Australia.

If you have any questions, please contact us via Linkedin here.

Anthony and Marie


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